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  1. all semester students submitted their examination for in office. 25-Apr-2017

Welcome to Our College

The College was established on 18th August 2001 by the Government of Uttarakhand, vide G.O. No. 277/M.S.Education/2001. The college is named after Chandra Kunwar Bartwal, a poet of versatile genius, who carved his poems on the natural vegetation of Nagnath Pokhari. He was born in Malkoti, and passed away at the young age of 28 years at Pawlia. Even in this short while he left an enormous wealth of literature, to be explored by innumerable coming generations. Several of his poems are part of the syllabi for the Bachelor of Arts courses, in the university.


Vision & Mission


Education must transform life and build a healthy Society.


To educate students with the aim of holistic development.

To provide support and guidance, to students, that facilitates career and personal development.

To evolve teaching methodology keeping in mind the above aims and the diverse profiles of students.

Principal's Desk


Establishing Government Colleges for higher studies in difficult geographical areas, I feel, are a responsibility of the state and an indicator of its willingness to provide higher education for everyone, everywhere.more..